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Decorative effects



A range of highly decorative and customised finishes consisting of one or two layers of paint or film applied to a metal surface to achieve a variety of properties, effects, textures and colours.



Solid colours

These can be matched to customers colour preferences and are suitable for all decorative applications including construction fittings.


Metallic, pearlescent and fliptone effects

This contemporary look gives components a high-tech finish.


Print effects

Effects such as marble, mica and tortoiseshell are suitable for applications such as automotive interiors and presentation boxes. Customised print solutions are available including company names and logos.


Antique effects

Brushed copper and brass substitutes provide a more cost effective alternative for applications such as small domestic appliances, presentation boxes, decorative handles and door furniture.


Hammer effects

Authentic worked metal effects are available for applications such as hand tools and presentation boxes. Other lacquered products are also available that achieve a tinted metal effect with anti-finger marking properties

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