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Coil Coating Process

Coating Line

In the continuous coil coating process, the metal coil is first unwound, cleaned and pre-treated. The specified coating then applied on a flat continuous metal strip, heat cured, cooled and rewound prior to further processing to customer dimensions (if required) and shipment. The coating can be applied in multiple layers to achieve the required final properties and produce a wide range of colours and patterns. Excellent process control during all stages of the process allows material to be produced with excellent corrosion resistance.

When compared to other application methods, coil coating is highly efficient achieving excellent product consistency coil to coil and batch to batch. As opposed to a spray-applied coating, for example, a coil-coated metal surface offers a uniform film thickness rather than the thicker films on edges, corners and bends that is more typical of a spray-applied process.

The process enables customers to process material into its finished shape without the need for a post spray process, eliminating the need for a paint plant and the necessity to comply with stringent environmental legislation. Firsteel focus on environmental management is supported by adherence to ISO 14001 accreditation. 

Application of coatings is at very high line speeds as modern coil lines such as Firsteel can run at speeds as high as 60 - 70 meters per minute and curing the applied paint in 15 - 45 seconds ensuring that coil coating is cost competitive compared to alternatives. Protective film can be applied to protect the coated finish during subsequent processing by the customer if required.


Firsteel Coating Line Schematic

Firsteel Coating Line Schematic
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