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Domestic bakeware


Firsteel is a major global supplier of pre-coated metal to manufacturers of domestic bakeware such as roasting tins, cake moulds and spring forms.



Firsteel was a global pioneer in the development of pre-coated metals suitable for domestic bakeware production and the business retains its market leading position today. Firsteel supplies many products for Europe's major retailers as well as having a worldwide client base.


Bakeware remains one of the most challenging applications for any coated metal. The material must be able to survive high temperatures, repeat use and the rigours of household cleaning methods. The quality and performance of the Firsteel product allows manufacturers to create bakeware that lasts, providing confidence to retailers and to the consumer.


Differentiation of the interior of the bakeware product is achieved through the actual performance of the coatings, from standard non-stick coatings to premium abrasion resistant non-stick systems. On the shelf differentiation is achieved on the exterior of the bakeware product through a virtually limitless range of colours, patterns and logos. Non-stick print effects are available on request, please contact Firsteel for information.

Domestic bakeware
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