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Woodgrain print


Firsteel offers a market leading range of coated Woodgrain Prints, unique in appearance and surface texture. These are available in a range of standard patterns.




Comprising three layers of organic coatings, Woodgrain print can be applied to steel or aluminium substrates. The print is achieved through use of a third coater head on the Firsteel coating line offering several key benefits when compared to alternative products.


Woodgrain prints are designed with a textured external hard coat providing excellent abrasion resistant in the final product.


In addition, through careful design of print rolls it is possible to produce a close impression of almost any woodgrain pattern. Working with market leading roll design companies, computer modelling and state of the art laser guided roll cutting technology is used to produce an almost unlimited range of print effects and colour combinations.


Production flexibility on the coating line at Firsteel enables the possibility of processing relatively small batches of any specific print design. This can eliminate the need to purchase minimum quantities of PVC / films reducing stocks and cash tied up in the manufacturing process.


Woodgrain effects designed for external applications are available on request, please contact Firsteel for more information.

Woodgrain Layers Diagram
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