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Other key sectors


Every customer has different requirements, which is why Firsteel matches the right product with the right application for each sector


The consumer products sector is fast paced and demands a high level of responsiveness and innovation from its suppliers. Firsteel meets the challenge by providing a comprehensive product range, high levels of customer service and significant new product development.



Domestic appliances

For small domestic appliances, high temperature and abrasion resistant products have been developed for coffeepot bases, deep fat fryers, toasters and sandwich makers. Products for fire surrounds, where high temperature and abrasion resistance are essential are available in a number of solid and metallic colours as well as clear and tinted lacquers for anti-finger marking properties. For high touch items in the kitchen, products are also available with antibacterial protection, to help reduce the risk of cross contamination.


Exterior applications

Architects can make buildings look distinctive through the use of form and colour. Sometimes, restrictions such as planning can make it challenging to create a novel and interesting building. Colour and effects can be introduced onto an otherwise traditional design by accentuating capping strips, rainwater goods, soffits and fascias. Because Firsteel is so flexible, visually exciting effects can be supplied for bespoke applications in relatively small order quantities and short lead times. Firsteel's exterior grade range of pre- finished metals include long-lasting and robust decorative products on both steel and aluminium substrates. Products can be customised with Firsteel's colour matching service.


Interior applications

For internal construction fittings such as shelving units and capping strips.

For applications where minimum weight is important, such as ceiling tile systems, extremely light gauge aluminium substrates are available.


Health and hygiene

Controlled environments such as hospitals, industrial and microbiological clean rooms and food processing environments demand the highest levels of cleanliness.

High touch items can be both a source and vector for cross-contamination of harmful organisms such as MRSA, E-coli and Listeria. Firsteel offers a range of products with antibacterial protection for high touch products such as door furniture, equipment casings, light switches, trays and clipboards to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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